Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 9B Categories for Blog

     What helped me figure out the categories was contemplating what the goal of my blog would be. My first objective would be to attract new students and persuade them to give yoga a try. My secondary goal would be to help current students grow their individual practice and keep their passion alive.
     So my categories would be the following:

  1.  Pose modifications for the non-yogi or beginner
  2.  Poses to decrease stress and promote deeper relaxation
  3.  Specific poses to target and alleviate back pain
  4.  Challenging poses for the experienced practitioner 
  5.  Tips on meditation and creating a daily practice of meditation
Since most people are quite hesitant to walk into a studio, I think knowing that there are so many ways to modify a pose and making the practice accessible for any body type, would encourage them to think about trying a class. Most people are also interested in reducing their stress level as well as finding relief from back pain, so information on how yoga and meditation can help might pique their interest and motivate them to come in. For students already coming to class, blogs on new ways to approach a challenging pose are exciting as well as information on developing the spiritual self would also be appealing.

I commented on the blogs of Sherrie Moore, Mekiela Robinson and Mumontes.

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  1. As an individual that is drawn to yoga and the practice, I really appreciate this post. It looks as though you put a decent amount of effort into it. I will have to check your yoga studio out one day!