Monday, September 19, 2016

Week 2 Part 2 Who's on First? What's on Second?

   I started with my own business Shanti Kitti Yoga. I have links to several social media sites. My last tweet was on September 16, my Facebook post was on September 18 and the same for Instagram. We are also connected to Google Plus (where I posted an article yesterday) and Linked In but the most used media outlet is Facebook and Twitter. I sometimes feel overwhelmed  by all the different sites but I do have a business partner that also posts for me. I believe we could be more effective in building connections and followers which is why I am taking this course. I know some of the basics but I would like to be proficient.
   The second business I looked into was Soul Of Yoga. Their website is
They posted on Twitter 4 hours ago and Facebook 14 hours ago. They have links for YouTube, Google Plus and Instagram as well. The last video upload was 2 months ago on August 14th. It appears that the Instagram account was recently opened or they just don't use it because there are no posts at all. They posted on Google Plus on August 21, 2016. They seem to favor Twitter and Facebook based on the posts.
   The third business I checked out was The Yoga Body Oceanside,
Surprisingly, they do not have any social media links on the website. I went on Facebook to find them and they do have an official page. The last post was on January of 2015. They also have a Twitter account but the last post was February 11, 2013. I could not find them on Instagram or YouTube.
It seems they do not use social media often.
   Black Sheep posted on Facebook and Instagram 12 hours ago. On You Tube, it was a year ago and the last tweet was on Oct, 31, 2015.
My last business is Yoga Oceanside,  They only seem to use Facebook and Instagram. Last post on Facebook was Sept 16, 2016 and the last Instagram post was yesterday Sept.19, 2016.  What I learned from this exercise is that it's better to limit the number of media outlets and post regularly rather than have several outlets and post occasionally. When the last post you have is over a year ago, I think it gives the impression that perhaps the business is not very busy, or you don't have much of a following, so then perhaps you are not inspired to go there.

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