Thursday, September 22, 2016

Week 3A Website Designs

     The first website I looked at was Tectorch. At first glance the website looks very busy and overwhelming with details. It seems hard to navigate because there are no tabs, just products to click on and then you have to use the back arrow to get around. It would be easy to give up because of the navigation issues, unless you were intent on purchasing from this company. The website is visually unappealing because it looks like they put all the information and every part they sell on the first page in multi colors so it looks like a newspaper ad. They could improve the look of the website as well as the navigation by splitting up some of the information and adding links at the top.
     My second website was Exmouth View Hotel. They have several links that are not connected such as the map page, detailed weather and sporting attractions. Quite a few of the pictures do not open at all and there is quite a lot of empty space on the home page before you get to the bottom. It loses some professionalism with the broken links and missing pictures. It would me make think they are not paying attention to details which might carry over to the way they run the hotel. They do supply plenty of information about the hotel and the area as well as several beautiful pictures to help you get a feel for the place.
     I chose Toyota for my third website. What a striking difference to the last two websites. It is quite obvious they hired a professional to design the website. It immediately grabs your attention with a shiny new car and doesn't let go as another car slides by. It is very easy to navigate and all the links and tabs work. The excellent quality of the website promotes the feeling that the products Toyota sells are also of a high quality. I also like how they help you find the closest dealer by inputting your zip code. 
My last website is Headhunter Hairstyling, which has beautiful pictures displaying hairstyles, nails and tanning. This website is very easy to navigate, the prices and services are very clear and they have many blogs that you can search thru with tags. The last link under 'More' said 'Book Online' but then there was nothing to book so perhaps they should remove that tab because it is a waste of time for the consumer. Overall, it is a beautiful website and I would want to go there to get my hair and nails done based on the beautiful pictures. 

For the last assignment I commented on the blogs of Antonio, Sherrie and Derek but I forgot to add it to the end of the blog.

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