Thursday, September 29, 2016

Week 4A Set 2 Yellow Deli/Chilis

     Studying these websites can make you hungry. The food looks very appetizing on the Chili's website but I did not see an 'About Us' section for Chili's except for the frozen food tab. Their call to action is a rewards program where you can rack up points just for signing up and enjoy free menu items or dessert on your birthday. The Yellow Deli on the other hand, had a very interesting history connecting the importance of the food to their mission. The only call to action I could find was a small link at the top for a newsletter sign up.
     Chili's has a very corporate feel to the website and is aggressive with their call to action. The Yellow Deli has a very homemade feel to it because of the font used and the menu that looks handwritten. Chili's website is definitely trying hard to entice you with their food items while the Yellow Deli website has a lot more background information and they seem more interested in spreading their message of love and working together as a co-operative and raising families together, rather than selling you on their menu items. The message of a higher purpose comes across very clearly and they invite you to think about your own purpose.
     I think anyone who enjoys good food would be drawn to both places, however, some might feel put off by the strong religious undertones of the Yellow Deli. They might jump to conclusions about it being a cult or worry that someone might try to convert them to the "Twelve Tribes". If you are open-minded about different points of view, I believe you would be intrigued by the history and operation of the Yellow Deli and would want to check them out. Or perhaps you just want some fresh organic food. The audience for Chili's would be less interested in history or religion, or even the origin of their food and more so looking for a good meal to enjoy. I would choose the Yellow Deli any day over Chili's because I care about where my food comes from and I know that food made with love always tastes better.

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