Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 3 B My Favorites

     One of my favorite websites is Amazon. I love how easy they make it to shop online. I also appreciate their system of keeping all your past purchases on file so it easy to return merchandise. They also include reviews from previous customers, both favorable and not, so you can make an informed decision. The only part I would change is the check out part. Once you get to the cart and are ready to place an order, there is no clear way to still go back to shopping.
     The other website I frequent is the San Diego Humane Society. They provide pictures and information on all the adoptable animals. You can see all the upcoming events and ways to participate and support the Humane Society. It is easy to navigate and fun to look at. The one thing that might make it even more attractive would be videos of the animals. We have yoga events at my studio that include adorable adoptable cats to help them find a forever home.

I commented on the blogs of Pepper Dare and Antonio.

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