Thursday, December 15, 2016

Final Blog Post

     I certainly have a new appreciation of social media and how useful and powerful it can be. I am definitely making better use of Facebook ads even though I am not quite sure yet what works best for my business. I do intend on experimenting more in the next six months with different ads and boosting posts to see what garners a better response.
      I have also been putting out more tweets as well as a bit more on Instagram now that I feel more comfortable posting on those sites. I can't say that I have seen a huge increase in customers in the last three months but I think that it probably takes longer to see the results. I have had some more client interaction and response to things I post and I have also had more organic likes for our business page.
     One of my takeaways from this class is the importance of asking everyone to like our Facebook page as well as asking for it on every piece of paper we put out including schedules and gift cards.
And of course, you need to be likable and make your business and product likable to get those likes.
     I also now understand the power of blogging and how much it can help your SEO optimization. I find the blogging aspect quite challenging because of the time and effort it seems to take to write an article that is useful and engaging. I know it really helps to establish yourself as an expert on a specific topic but what if you don't feel like an expert? Perhaps just an educated opinion would work so I might do some research and then attempt a blog.
     I also learned the importance of actually engaging the customers online and asking for their feedback as well as responding to every comment, negative and positive. When you know what really matters to your customers, you can plan events and promotions based on that feedback rather than spending money on expensive ads, trying to figure out what they want after the fact. I am really inspired to use these social media tools to grow my base of students and give them valuable information on yoga or whatever else they let me know they want to know more about.

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