Monday, December 5, 2016

Week 13 Facebook and Twitter Ads

     My Facebook ad objective is to build local awareness of my business. An objective is the point or purpose of the ad so you should ask yourself what you hope to achieve with the ad before placing it.
I included pictures of the studio and different teachers, hoping to drive traffic to my website.
     I also posted a Twitter ad offering a free yoga class for those looking to de-stress during the holiday season. I am hoping to promote a special event happening this month at the studio. It makes sense for my business to focus on people interested in healthy living, yoga, fitness, and meditation so I used those keywords to set up the ad. I think specific offers in the ad would also work well for my business such as offering a discount on classes or a free week with a link to the website so they can claim the offer.

I made screen shots of all the ads but I cannot paste them here because they are saved as Word documents so it won't allow me to insert them as images. If anyone has a suggestion to remedy that, please let me know.

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