Monday, December 12, 2016

Week 14 B Facebook Analytics

     I created an ad to raise local awareness of our business. I ran it for 7 days and spent $49.96. The statistics say I reached 6018 people with 13,423 impressions at a cost of 3.72 per impression. I don't know that it inspired anyone to contact the business because I usually ask how someone heard about us and no one said Facebook so that is a bit disappointing.
     My page views went up by 55% and I have 11 more page likes but I think most of those are from my lovely classmates. I reached 331 people in that week so that is up by 67% but my post engagement is down by 96%. Total video views are down by 33%.
      The picture of a cop arresting a cat for being too cute had the most engagements and reactions as well as a video on why it is never too late to try yoga. The insights are very useful to have so you know who you are reaching, when and what topics seem to be the most popular. I think with some more practice I could get better at the ads but right now it is more trial and error.

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