Monday, October 3, 2016

Week 4B Shanti Kitti Yoga

     I 'd like to promote a business I currently own called Shanti Kitti Yoga. It is a yoga studio located on Mission Avenue in Oceanside. I have a business page on Facebook with 144 followers. I started that about the same time I opened the business, which was in April of 2014. I also have an Instagram account with 63 followers. I think I started that about a year ago. About the same time, I also opened a Twitter account and that has 81 followers.
     Our target market is women and men between the ages of 40 and 65 who are still active but have started to deal with the challenges of a changing body and/or old injuries. Our day classes are geared more towards stay-at-home moms as well as some retirees. Our evening classes attract more of the under 60 age group who are still working. Most students are interested in more flexibility and better balance but as they progress they become more interested in the spiritual side of yoga. Most of our students are college educated and interested in personal growth and development. I would say the majority of our students are Caucasian with a small percentage of Hispanics and a very small percentage of African Americans. We tend to have a much larger percentage of women than men in general. As far as income, our target market is probably an income level of at least $60,000.
The ideal client is interested in staying healthy and active as long as possible and sees the value of small classes and a community of like minded people.

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