Monday, October 31, 2016

8B Twitter Lists

     I started my search with the words yoga and cats because my first list is 'Yoga and Cat Lovers' so I found one twitter user that said she loves cats and yoga so I added her to that list as well as the San Deigo Humane Society and KPBS news. I want to promote our cat and yoga events also known as 'Meowga" that we have with the San Diego Humane Society so I thought that made sense. And maybe the news station will want to run a story about the event, which would be great exposure.
     For my second list, I used the word meditate and meditations and came up with Deepak Chopra, Hay House Meditations and Patricia Gift, VP of Editorial and Hayhouse Publishing. We also have a class called 'Zen Cats' that features meditation with Deepak and Oprah as part of the class, so I added Deepak and Hay House to my list because some of their subscribers might be interested in that class.
     I sent out some tweets for classes scheduled the next day as well as a wish for a happy Halloween.
I'm not sure about the best timing but I think a day or two in advance of an event or class works best because I find people tend to forget when it is longer than that time span.
Happy Halloween!

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