Friday, October 14, 2016

Week 6 A There's More

I am so excited to have found the More button on Facebook. Actually, I am discovering there is so much more to everything on Facebook. I chose to set as one of my featured likes the San Diego Humane Society because we have a cat theme to our studio and we also have an upcoming event with the Humane Society. They are bringing an adoptable cat or cats to a special yoga class so we can help get the cat adopted. I also chose Yoga Journal and Mantra Yoga and Health Magazine because they are a great source of yoga information.
Some of my other featured likes are Pier View Yoga, because that belongs to one of my teachers and I want to support her. I chose Soul of Yoga in Encinitas because they offer some wonderful workshops that we don't (yet). I also chose San Diego Yoga Festival and the Chopra Center for Meditation because most yoga students would probably also be interested in local events and meditation.
I can see where this can give your business more exposure because by liking other Pages and being a part of the discussions as well as making comments, other users will see your comments and some of the users might click on your link or visit your Facebook Page. Maybe they will even end up liking it.

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