Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 7 B Others Like Me

    One of my favorite yoga studios is Yoga Del Mar so I picked them to see about their social media. They have 1339 Likes on Facebook with posts almost every day. They receive 3 to 5 likes or comments on the posts. They have 159 followers on Instagram with 70 posts. Their Youtube channel is not used much. The last video was posted 3 years ago and they only have 3 videos. On Twitter they have 191 tweets with 131 following. It looks like the same posts on Facebook and Twitter so they obviously have that connected. I did not see any other social media that they are connected to.
    Yoga Oceanside has 674 Likes on Facebook with the last post being Oct 18th. They usually post every 2 or 3 days with 2 to 4 comments per post. Their Instagram account has 333 followers with 135 posts. I could not find a Youtube channel for them but they do have a Twitter account with 147 followers and 99 tweets. The last post was in June of 2013 so it is safe to say Twitter is not a priority for them.
    Black Sheep Yoga here in Oceanside has 1741 Likes on Facebook with posts every 2 or 3 days. The Twitter account seems to have been forgotten somewhat as the last post was on October 31, 2015. They do have 800 followers with 1752 tweets. They have a Pinterest account with 12 boards and it is connected to their Facebook page. On Instagram, they post almost daily with 943 followers and 813 posts. They have 5 videos on YouTube with the last one uploaded a year ago. They are the only studio that has links to Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest and Twitter on their Facebook page.
    Finally, the Soul of Yoga has 8078 Likes on Facebook with postings every couple days and average response is 6 to 9 likes on the posts. On Twitter they have 869 followers and 115 Likes. Instagram has 21 followers but no posts yet.Their Pinterest account has 75 followers with 5 boards. On YouTube they have 310 subscribed with the last video uploaded in August 2016 with 49 views.
All the studios seem to use Facebook the most, with Black Sheep and Soul of Yoga being the most proficient with their social media use. I am inspired to start exploring Pinterest and using YouTube more efficiently.

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